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Buy and sell your cgi, asp, php scripts and many more!

Amount of sales to date: $11065
Most common script type: PHP scripts(1074)

Welcome to!
At, you can buy and sell PHP scripts, CGI scripts, java scripts, python scripts, and many other scripts!
Our goal is to provide an easy to use system that will allow programmers to easily sell their scripts without the hassle of having to develop their own sites and worry about the payment system
Selling your scripts is easy, all you have to do is signup and submit your scripts by specifying a category (such as PHP scripts) and fill in a few details about the script such as description, platform, etc.

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Ten Newest Scripts
SSDT - Spoofed Secure Data Transfer
WMpeople is a GUI (WindowMaker Dockapp) for peephole that lights up a user-defined icon when the server finds an interesting email message on the mail server.
Peephole is a GNU/linux server that periodically checks users' mailboxes harvesting only last emails, extracting user-defined regular espressions. Each user, on.....
WEBCVTSA is a tool that allows users to administrate their computers [running GNU/Linux] using a form on a web page to post commands.
Lots of interesting..... Toolbar
The toolbar, helps keep you up to date with the phpBB community.
It allows you to bookmark all the forums you are able to view and aut.....
AntonyBailey.NETwork Toolbar
The AntonyBailey.NETwork toolbar. A great tool to keep track of your AntonyBailey.NETwork interests. Allows you to browse and fetch data from our news feeds, an.....
Cigmas Advanced CMS
Excellent VB3, IPB, and phpBB2 forum integration. Unlimited custom fields of textboxes and textareas for games/articles. Completely manage (add, edit, delete, .....
evoArticles 2.0 Article Management
evoArticles is paving the way to the future of article management with its latest release. No more tedious setup process or development. Save time and money! Fr.....
Uploadi Image Hosting Script
This free image hosting php script, lets you start your own free image hosting service in minutes! Unlike other scripts, the script does not require users to re.....
You are the owner of your sponsor program! You set individual conditions for your members, bonuses, payments options, prices, minimum payout and payment methods.....

Ten Most Sold
CJ Tag Board V3.0
The CJ Tag Board is a quick and easy way of communicating with visitors to your website in real time. V3.0 brings what the fans want: IP Banning, Flood Control,.....
Guestbook allows you to set up your own comments page. From there, visitors can add entries to your guestbook and they will be displayed with the most recent at.....
Auction Weaver? LITE
A powerful, yet easy to install and use Auction-creation program which will allow you to host auctions created by you or your website visitors. Features: Unlimi.....
Tsunami Channel Wars V2
The Tsunami Channel Wars Project has now gone Open Source with V2. this huge text based multi realm MMORPG ( rpg mud ) is here in the best version yet.... with .....
Auction Weaver? LITE
A powerful, yet easy to install and use Auction-creation program which will allow you to host auctions created by you or your website visitors. Features: Unlimi.....
Directory Of Links
Run your own automated link directory. links are automatically added to the category you select on the submission form. Also has a built in hit counter so you k.....
tectraxxdatemanager is Date manager, and a great script to have for your site.
aePartner Free Dating Software
Free pack of PHP scripts that can be downloaded and installed to your domain to run your own dating website. Subscriptions, shopping cart, virtual kisses, advan.....
JADE: Just Another Directory Engine
Jade is a Directory and Search Engine application, it is simple and easy to use.
It works with templates for make easy your changes to the look and feel of .....
myGuestbook v1.0
myGuestbook is a guestbook system for your site to allow your visitors to sign and also view other visitors entries.

Buying scripts is just as easy. All you have to do is browse through our directory and goto the area you want. If you're looking for a security related PHP script, then click on PHP and then click on security. Once you've found the script you want, all you have to do is click it, pay for it (via, and then it will be listed in your "my account" area for download!

Here at our focus is to provide an easy method for a programmer to sell scripts that he has made in the past, including PHP scripts, CGI/perl scripts, python scripts, and many others, without the hassle of having to create a site and manage payments, thus simplifying the process. This works the same for buyers, who do not want to spend alot of money to get a custom script developed, when the script could already be developed!

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